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I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this Five for Friday!

1.  My students are finally getting in the hang of this school thing! Hooray!!! I have loved Apples and ABC’s Beginning Sounds Printable.  We have been reviewing letter names and sounds and doing a few pages each day. They are able to work independently which is AMAZING!

2. My husband started a new job this month and this has been our first week with us both working 40 hours.  It’s a new thing for us since his old job allowed him to be home by 4 but we are adjusting well.  I am very blessed.

3.  I started a Chronological Bible Study and I am LOVING it! I am so thankful for God’s many blessings and promises.  It’s amazing to read throughout the Old Testament and see his constant provisions. I can be confident in His love for me and His promises.

4. Um so N*SYNC may be reuniting on Sunday! I am BEYOND PUMPED! I will be attending a viewing party and may even have a N*SYNC shirt on.  Whoot Whoot!

5. We currently have very few plans this weekend and I am so excited about that.  


With school starting, I need to find a new balance and start blogging again.  I’ve been trying out a few new recipes too and will definitely get those up soon!

Have a great weekend!




I’ve linked up with Farley  for June Currently


Well although I’ve almost experienced a full week of my summer this currently isn’t too exciting.  

I spent my morning at the Take Care Clinic to find out that I have an ear infection and allergies.  Thankfully my sweet husband is currently at Kroger picking up my prescription.  I sure help after a few days of some antibiotics I am feeling back to my normal self.  Growing up I had a lot of ear infections but its been YEARS since I’ve had one and I forgot how much it hurts. Boo! 


With the big game tonight, a few of my husband’s friends are coming over so I am trying out a few new recipes! Although I have no energy right now, I am hoping in a few hours I’ll be good to go to cook some things.  I’m going to do a Hawaiian chicken kabob, smashed red potatoes and grilled zucchini.  To hit the sweet spot, I am going to make a Monster Cookie Dip. YUM!


I LOVE  sweet tea and I think it makes a not so great day better.  I’m making myself drink more water since I’m sick but its so hard when sweet tea sounds soooo good.  I may have an addiction. 🙂

Vaca Essentials

Well this summer we will be venturing to Disney World in July and we could not be more excited! Whoo hooo! My three essentials is a swim suit, cute dresses, and sun! I am all about spending time relaxing at the pool so a swim suit is big for me.  I went on a swim suit search last week and I’ve had NO luck.  I can’t find one that I feel is modest enough and that I like how I look.  I’ll have to keep searching.  My favorite part of the summer is cute clothes and dresses.  I love a sun dress that is casual and can be put on after a day at the pool.  And of course love the sun! It just makes my day better! 


Go and Link up! 🙂

June Monthly Goals







I linked up with to create goals for June!

1. I HATE doing the laundry.  I’ve recently started calling my husband the “Laundry King” because he basically always does it.  However, we have a nice sized pile waiting to be washed so I need to get busy. FAST.

2. My husband and I are blessed to currently both have a summer off (until he finds a new job). We LOVE finding new things to do in the NKY/ Cincinnati area.  I hope we can find a few new things this summer to do together.

3.  I’ve said before that my husband is a marathon runner and now my younger sister is becoming a runner.  Knowing she is running makes me want to run more.  I’ve got to beat her 🙂 haha


That was a recent conversation we’ve had about running.  My goal is to be able to run two miles by the end of the summer.  Currently I’m running about half a mile and walking the other half. (Yes my sister’s name is INA in my phone.  “Ina Knott” Get it?? haha her real name is Chelsea)

4 and 5.  I brought home my ELA binder this summer.  I have each unit divided up and I plan on going through and adding post it notes about some of my favorite, most successful activities we did for each unit. Through working on this project, I hope to create some more ELA units to add to our teacher pay teacher store. ( I also have a binder for the first three writing units a colleague and I are going to try next school year.  The more I read the more excited I become. 

6. With less of a structure routine now, I have to plan when to have my quiet time each day.  During the school year, I read in the mornings before my feet hit the floor and I think I will continue that during the summer. 

Five for Friday (Linky Party)



1. Summer is here!!! Wednesday was my last and I’ve LOVED every minute of my first two summer days.  Overall I had a challenging but a very rewarding year. I love the school I teach in and look forward to next year. I plan on using at least one day a week during the summer planning and preparing for next year. 





2. Last summer, I became addicted to watching Pretty Little Liars and quickly caught up on all the seasons.  This summer I have a new addiction and it is the show Nashville.  How have I been missing this show?? I’m not even a huge country music fan but this show has captivated me.  

3.  With it being summer, I’ve had plenty of time to try out some new recipes and I am LOVING it! I’ve tried several off of my Pinterest Recipe Board.  I LOVE Pinterest! It was so helpful with wedding planning, decorating our home, classroom ideas, and to feed my food/cooking love.

4. My husband is currently looking for a new job.  I naturally tend to worry and become anxious about EVERYTHING. But the Lord has given me such a peace and comfort about this process.  I know that He has a plan and is in full control over the situation.  I am excited to see what God has planned for my husband and continue to daily give those worries over to the Lord.  God is good.

5. Have I mentioned that it is sweet, sweet, SUMMER TIME!!!!! Hooray!!!!

Share Watcha Wear Linky Party!


Blouse: Old Navy

Cardigan: Old Navy

Pants: New York and Company

Flats: Target

I love this linky party! I’m doubting I will be updating after each day so I think this will become a Friday afternoon/night routine! However, today I am on a Starbucks date with my hubby so it is the perfect time to blog away!!

You can link up too with Brittany at Closing the Gap…in a Cute Outfit!





Oh and 4 years ago today, my hubby asked me to be his girlfriend!! 


So blessed to call him mine! 

Have a great rest of your Monday!!!! 


April in the Making




1. My favorite thing about this month is the cheery weather! I have been craving sun and warmth. I am so excited that it has been sunny and the warmer weather is coming. Whooo hooo!

2. April in my Classroom- Preparing for Second Grade! We are a month and half away from summer. It’s time to get into the groove and get ready for second grade! Ah!!! 

3. April “Must-Have”- Spring Clothes. oh I am also really into flats right now. I may or may not have bought 4 pairs this past weekend. ooops

4. April “Make-It”- A coworker and I are working on centers based off of Unit 6 of the common core

5. April Goal- Run 4 out of the 7 days of the week.  Run for a minute without wanting to fall over. 

Mrs. Kelly from Mrs. Kelly’s Klass is hosting a FUN linky called April in the Making