Classroom Decor

so thankful for my family! My wonderful sister came with me to my classroom today to help with a few projects! We were able to get a lot done and spend some great time together.  

My classroom has two large windows and I am addicted to natural sunlight so I ALWAYS have my blinds open even though my classroom overlooks the playground.  (My students and I adjust to the busy schedule of the playground) I’ve always wanted to have cute curtains but I haven’t made them so I decided to make some pendants and create a banner.  

I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and found the CUTEST scrapbook paper.  I used the paper to cute out large triangles and small triangles.  The larger banner will go over my windows and I plan to put the smaller one over my door. I’m in LOVE with the scrapbook paper and it is what I planned my classroom colors around.  

I used ribbon and super duper special tape from the Parent Teacher Store to tape the ribbon to the back of the pendants to hang on the wall.  I think it turned out soooo cute!