Lucy’s Birth Story—-no gross details :)

Well Lucy is 2 months now so I guess I should start blogging/journaling her life. ūüôā


Toward the end of my pregnancy, I began to have high blood pressure. ¬†The doctor suggested I sit as much as possible while at work (hello I teach first grade…that’s not possible). ¬†I began having to take my blood pressure while at work and before going to bed. ¬†My BP continued to stay in a hypertension range and eventually I was put on bed rest. ¬†With that decision, my pregnancy became “high risk”. ¬†I began going to the dr weekly and having a¬†NST (non-stress test) twice a week. ¬†Thankfully, at each appointment and NST Lucy looked healthy and happy. ¬†However, my BP continued to stay high and they began to be concerned that Lucy was getting “too big”. ¬†At a 36 week ultra sound, her head was measuring 41 weeks. ¬†I began to slightly panic and ask the ultra sound tech how accurate that measurement was and she brushed it off saying on it could be a week behind or ahead. ¬†My first thought was¬†this child can not already be measuring 41 weeks with 4 weeks to go…she is never going to come out?!? At my next dr appt, my dr talked to me about delivery options but was still optimistic that a c-section would be the last option. ¬†He predicted Lucy to be around 9 pounds. We then set my induction date for May 12th, exactly a week before my original due date of May 18th. ¬†Drew and I were so excited to see an end in sight and know we would soon meet our little girl. ¬†However, it did not stop me from spending countless hours on a excerise ball hopping up and down hoping to induce labor myself. ¬†

The morning of May 12th I woke up, showered, and we were out the door by 6:15.  My parents and sister met us in the hospital parking garage and walked with us to Labor and Delivery.  I was a big ball of nerves.  We checked in and they showed us to our room.  HOLY COW! We seemed to have the largest room in the hospital.  I was uber impressed and began to get more and more anxious.  By 7:00, we had met my two nurses and began doing blood work and an IV.  Things were moving more quickly than I imagined and I began to feel lite headed and yuck.  The nurse came in and decreased my fluids a bit and by 8:00 began the pitocin.  


I am not going to lie. ¬†I had been preparing for this moment for the past few weeks by watching 16 and Pregnant. ¬†When you are on bed rest and don’t have cable, you eventually run out of things to do and I thought¬†this may prepare me better for labor, if these girls can do it so can I. ¬†About two hours after getting the pitocin drop, I was feeling some contractions but they were manageable and not too terrible. ¬†I began to get confident and think¬†those girls were just being dramatic, this is nothing. Soon my thoughts changed ūüôā Around 10, my dr came in and asked if I wanted to have my water broken.¬†I’m sorry aren’t you the dr?? shouldn’t you be telling me “ok its time to break your water”. Obviously don’t give me a choice in the matter!¬†I told him to do whatever he thought was best and then he proceeded to tell me he wasn’t sure when he would be back to do it so lets do it now. ¬†I wasn’t sure what to expect but again thinking about the show I had been watching I was expecting the worse. ¬†It wasn’t my favorite experience but I did begin to feel more contractions. ¬†I also was under the impression that your water broke once and then it was over. UMMMM NO! It continues to happen. It was so uncomfortable and with a room of family I was not loving it. ¬†

About 30 minutes later, the contractions were beginning to strengthen and I was beginning to use some of the breathing techniques we had learned in our class. By 12 I was over the breathing and asking for the good stuff AKA epidural time! The nurses responded with “Well if you get an epidural then you are committed to having this baby today.”¬†ummmmm hold up lady! I am laying in a hospital gown, connected to a few different tubes, my water is broken and continuing to leak (sorry for the image) and I am having contractions….yes I am committed…My mom pointed out to the nurse that my water had been broken so I was pretty much ready to commit to this haha The nurse then admitted that she had forgotten my water had been broken and she would call the appropriate people for the good stuff. ¬†I was so relieved but also a bit nervous because I had read that epidurals can slow down the labor process. ¬†Thankfully this was not the case for me. ¬†After my epidural, I was able to relax and my body began to do its thing. By 3:00, I was fully dilated and the nurse said I was ready to push but the dr was currently delivery other ladies so I would need to wait.¬†


They moved my bed so it was almost vertical. The nurses explained to us that it helps move the baby down into a better birthing position. I sat like that for about 2 hours and then decided I should maybe nap while I was waiting. My family all said good-bye and my dad prayed over Drew and I. It was one of my favorite parts of the entire experience. I slept for about 30 minutes and around 6 my nurses came in to tell me it was almost my turn.


At 630,we began the pushing process. Again, tv shows and movies do not prepare you at all!! I never realized how much work the pushing process would be. I pushed on and off for three hours. We would wait for a contraction, count, begin to push and then wait for the next contraction. A few times the nurse would tell me to ‚Äúsit this one out‚ÄĚ so that I could rest for the next contraction. After each push, I was ‚Äúrewarded‚ÄĚ with an ice chip from either my mom or Drew. After pushing for about 2 hours, I began to run a fever and the dr became considered that Lucy needed to come out quickly. When I heard him discuss this with my nurse, I began to assure them that I felt fine. However, I did not. I was dizzy, lite headed and achy. But I was not wanting to push for so long only to have to do a c-section. Around 9:00, I began to get discouraged but thankfully Drew and my mom were encouraging and forceful. They were not going to let me give up. At 9:30, we met our precious baby girl!!!! So thankful for God‚Äôs blessing and strengthen!


Lucy Jane Clayton was born at 9:30 weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long.