Exciting News!

It has been forever!!! SERIOUSLY! Forever since I’ve blogged. I almost couldn’t remember my log in info. No good. So lots has been happening in the Clayton household recently!


Drew and I feel beyond blessed that God has chosen to give us a sweet baby.  We had been praying about this little miracle for a few months and I was SHOCKED when I took that pregnancy test.  I actually was just bored one night and decided to try one.  Drew was watching the Reds game and it took a lot of convincing to get him off the couch.  We both almost didn’t believe it! Actually I didn’t believe the test and called my mom to come over. 🙂 Moms are the best! (And I get to be one!) She came over and slightly confirmed the test but she still was unsure. After going to the doctor, we got the confirmation we needed to finally feel like we could celebrate! We are so excited.  God has already taught me so much through this journey.  Every time we go to the doctor I am amazed at how awesome God is.  We heard a heartbeat of a baby that was only 8 weeks old.  I saw a picture of a tiny baby.  This baby is developing and can already do so much at 14 weeks.  I just continue to be in awe of how Mighty my God is. 

I’ve learned to be content and confident in God’s plan for my life.  

I hope to keep my pregnancy updated here! oh and we refer to our sweet joy as bunny. love love love

PS I also have had the best husband during this 14 weeks (well he was already the best but he has been the best, best…he just came in with a milkshake. yum)