Classroom Tour

Hooray for it being September! I am loving that my kids are getting into a routine and slowly understanding the expectations.  It’s been a pleasant change from the craziness of the first week of schools. 


While I was at Disney World, they had a station that you could fill up a Mr. Potato Head and a box for just $20.  My wonderful husband helped me stuff that box and potato head as full as we could get it. I definitely got my money’s worth! Whooo!!!  Each time the class receives a compliment from a staff member they choose a piece for our potato head.  When Mr. potato Head is fully assembled, the class will receive a party! They have worked so hard and loved it! 


On my back wall of cabinets, I’ve posted our weekly learning targets. It is near our class meeting area so it is easy to reference to the students during whole group lessons.



I love CHEVRON! (obviously) I use these handy file folders to organize weekly copies, important papers, papers to file/grade.  I’ve used folders like this for the past 3 years and love them!


This is my small group area.  Yes that is a fanny pack hanging from my file cabinet.  I purchased it for our Disney trip but it has been a great addition to my recess procedues. I can easily keep my bell, sun glasses, bandaids, tissues, and my cell phone.  Who cares if I look like a tourist?!? haha


This is my Book Nook/ Daily 5 board. I am implementing small portions of Daily 5 in my classroom but hoping to move to the entire program in the next few months. I have split my students into groups and each day they will work at their center spot. We only have about 20 minutes so we won’t be changing centers during that time. 


Love my color posters!


I am obsessed with chevron and also pinterest/ Teacher Pay Teacher posters.  I spent a pretty penny at Staples printing super cute posters in color ink. haha BUT I love them!


Last but not least… My husband ordered curtains for me from Sassy Steals but I definitely need another one because this does not fit properly. Oh and my awesome coworker helped with the hanging process.Image


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