Five For Friday Linky Party



I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this Five for Friday!

1.  My students are finally getting in the hang of this school thing! Hooray!!! I have loved Apples and ABC’s Beginning Sounds Printable.  We have been reviewing letter names and sounds and doing a few pages each day. They are able to work independently which is AMAZING!

2. My husband started a new job this month and this has been our first week with us both working 40 hours.  It’s a new thing for us since his old job allowed him to be home by 4 but we are adjusting well.  I am very blessed.

3.  I started a Chronological Bible Study and I am LOVING it! I am so thankful for God’s many blessings and promises.  It’s amazing to read throughout the Old Testament and see his constant provisions. I can be confident in His love for me and His promises.

4. Um so N*SYNC may be reuniting on Sunday! I am BEYOND PUMPED! I will be attending a viewing party and may even have a N*SYNC shirt on.  Whoot Whoot!

5. We currently have very few plans this weekend and I am so excited about that.  


With school starting, I need to find a new balance and start blogging again.  I’ve been trying out a few new recipes too and will definitely get those up soon!

Have a great weekend!



Goodness Gracious 

The start of school has taken EVERY ounce of energy from me! I hope to have a room tour up next week.  

Hope everyone’s school year is going well so far! 

Classroom Decor

so thankful for my family! My wonderful sister came with me to my classroom today to help with a few projects! We were able to get a lot done and spend some great time together.  

My classroom has two large windows and I am addicted to natural sunlight so I ALWAYS have my blinds open even though my classroom overlooks the playground.  (My students and I adjust to the busy schedule of the playground) I’ve always wanted to have cute curtains but I haven’t made them so I decided to make some pendants and create a banner.  

I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and found the CUTEST scrapbook paper.  I used the paper to cute out large triangles and small triangles.  The larger banner will go over my windows and I plan to put the smaller one over my door. I’m in LOVE with the scrapbook paper and it is what I planned my classroom colors around.  

I used ribbon and super duper special tape from the Parent Teacher Store to tape the ribbon to the back of the pendants to hang on the wall.  I think it turned out soooo cute!



Hello! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged!! I think I was on a serious vacation this summer with minimal cooking, thinking, writing, and anything that required too much energy.

As school is approaching, I have given more thought to the school year and started making my annual “to do” and “to create” lists.  I (and along with friends and family) dedicated today to making my number one thing on my list “seats for my small group table”.

The day started with church and then lunch with my sisters and my best friend Whitney.  We ate at Panda Express. LOVED the orange chicken and white fried rice.  We then went to Walmart where I bought my pink crates for $3.97 each.  I picked up 5 of them.  I also got a twin mattress pad to use for the padding on my seats.



We then went to Home Depot.  I brought in one of my crates and found a nice employee to measure some wood.  Of course, the man already knew I was a teacher, planning to make a seat, and needed between 5-8 pieces of wood cut.  He asked “Where is everyone getting this idea from?” I said, “pinterest”.  He then said, “I’ve heard that word a lot lately”. haha My sweet Whitney took a pic of me discussing my plans with the nice man. He also worked it out that I could use scrap wood so it was only 51 cents for each piece! I left spending $3.85 (we had to add M&Ms to our order)



Our next stop was Jo-Ann fabrics.  I have to emphasize that it is still myself, my two sisters, and Whitney.  They were troopers going around town with me! I found two different chevron fabrics that I liked and got 2 yards in one color and 1 yard in the other. I also used their app to receive 25% off my entire purchase. whooot!

My husband was golfing so I recruited my mom and (eventually my dad) to creating my chairs.  We started by measuring and cutting down the mattress pad. It was a bit tricker than we anticipated.  I used adhesive spray glue to glue the pad to the pieces of wood.



I chose to use two pieces of mattress pad for each seat.  I had to make it super comfy for my sweet firsties!

My mom then measured out my fabric and then we hit a road block.  My dad’s stapler gun was not working so my SWEET dad went and bought a new staple gun! He is the best and took good care of me! I put the pad side down on the fabric and began stapling one side to the wood.  Once one side is stapled down then we pulled tight on the other side and began to staple it.  For the sides, we tried to wrap it like a present (didn’t always go as planned).



I used a ribbon to create a hook to easily pull up the seat to add items into the crate for storage.



My awesome parents helping me!!

And the final project!



I’m pleased with the final project! I am revamping my “Book Nook” time for this year and these will be great seats for students to read independently while I pull students to read with me.