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Blouse: Old Navy

Cardigan: Old Navy

Pants: New York and Company

Flats: Target

I love this linky party! I’m doubting I will be updating after each day so I think this will become a Friday afternoon/night routine! However, today I am on a Starbucks date with my hubby so it is the perfect time to blog away!!

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Oh and 4 years ago today, my hubby asked me to be his girlfriend!! 


So blessed to call him mine! 

Have a great rest of your Monday!!!! 



Spring Break and all sorts of things

So it has been a long time forever since I’ve blogged.  For spring break this year, my hubby and I went to New York City with a friend to visit another friend.  It was a blast! We went sightseeing, did some “local” things, and spent plenty of time walking, walking, walking.  Here are some pictures of our awesome trip! 



It was very difficult to come Imageback to work after a week off.  It was even harder when my husband and I both came down with a cold. Boo….I go all winter without a single cold and once spring arrives I’m sick, sick, sick.  (still fighting it as I blog).

In first grade, we had a busy week.  We went on a field trip and had our 5th Common Core Assessment.  Exciting Stuff! We are now on the last unit of the year, and by far my favorite: Around the World in a Glass Slipper. I’m pumped this year because I have several “princess lovers” in my room and they are beaming with excitement! 

We started the unit by learning more about the genre fairy tales. I was very proud of my students as we discussed how we would define a fairy tale and the characteristics of a fairy tale.  We also had  a discussion about what we know about Cinderella.  This discussion became a big debate between students.  They take their Cinderella knowledge very seriously and would argue with each other. I was shocked. 




Before Spring Break, our Scholastic News discussed oviparous animals.  We spent the day learning about different animals that hatch.  We created our own little chicks and personal stories for each. I had a few creative kids who dressed their chicks up as different personalities. Love it! Here are a few pics of our chicks….




We rang in spring by creating Math Flowers. I made the template and assigned each student a number.  It was a great time to differentiate when passing out the assigned numbers to each student.  Each petal represented the number in a different way. They turned out super cute and brighten up our hallway! 





This past Friday our Scholastic News was all about TRASH! It was very eye opening but a wonderful way to ring in Earth Day! We will do a few more Earth Day activities on Monday. I made an Earth (with the help of another teacher) and I wasn’t crazy how it turned out.  So I created a new plan and had the students write their Earth Day promises so I could cover up my terrible version of the Earth.  It turned out pretty cute! 



April in the Making




1. My favorite thing about this month is the cheery weather! I have been craving sun and warmth. I am so excited that it has been sunny and the warmer weather is coming. Whooo hooo!

2. April in my Classroom- Preparing for Second Grade! We are a month and half away from summer. It’s time to get into the groove and get ready for second grade! Ah!!! 

3. April “Must-Have”- Spring Clothes. oh I am also really into flats right now. I may or may not have bought 4 pairs this past weekend. ooops

4. April “Make-It”- A coworker and I are working on centers based off of Unit 6 of the common core

5. April Goal- Run 4 out of the 7 days of the week.  Run for a minute without wanting to fall over. 

Mrs. Kelly from Mrs. Kelly’s Klass is hosting a FUN linky called April in the Making

Currently (my first)


1. Listening- I LOVE Justin Timberlake and having been enjoying his new CD.

2. Needing- I gave up sweet tea for Lent this year.  It was a long 40 days but I was amazed how God help “quench” that thirst I had for sweet tea.  Yesterday was my first Chick-fil-a Sweet Tea in awhile and now I am craving one.  Oh and Spring Break is in 3 days. Praise the Lord!!!

3. Wanting- My wonderful Hubby is on his way now to pick up our FREE pizza for dinner. Love Jets!

4. Thinking- I need to get busy on a few Grad Papers. yuck. I keep putting it off. I need to get busy!


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Teachers Pay Teachers

A fellow first grade teacher/friend and I have decided to start our own Teachers Pay Teachers store. I love this website and have purchased so many helpful things throughout my three years of teaching.

I hope to put a lot of my classroom activities on the store for sell or a free download. Our goal is to create activities educators can use to go alone with each of the six Common Core Units for first grade. 🙂 We hope it can be helpful to lots of teachers! Please check our page

Writing a “How To” Piece

We haven’t written a “How to” piece this year.  I was itching for spring so I decided we would learn how to make lemonade.  We first discussed what supplies we would need for lemonade.  I was shocked that some students had never made lemonade before.

We put all of our supplies together and discussed what we thought should be the first step.  As we went through the steps, students wrote what we were doing.



It is so fun to see how far their writing as come throughout the year.  I guided the first few steps and they independently finished the writing piece.

The next day we worked on facts and opinions.  In our ELA unit, we’ve been discussing facts as we read informational texts.  The fact and opinion activity was completely based on lemonade.  All students had just tried lemonade the previous day so we all had the same building block to build an opinion.

We spent some time at the carpet discussing facts vs. opinions.  We discussed the difference between the two things and created some examples. I then gave each student a sentence strip.  We sorted the sentences into facts and opinions.  Students then had to write down one fact and one opinion about lemonade.

IMG_2141 IMG_2142 IMG_2143 IMG_2144 IMG_2145 IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2148




Spring is Here!!!

Spring is slowly emerging here in NKY! Thank you Jesus! Today, we worked on Spring Poems. We started by creating a anchor chart describing spring. It took a few minutes for students to come up with ideas but I think its been FOREVER since we’ve seen Spring like characteristics here.

Here are some pictures of the poems they wrote. I totally forgot to take pictures once they finished IMG_1503




IMG_1507 illustrations.

Easter Weekend

I am sooooo ready for Spring break! It was very nice having a long weekend this past weekend though.  It would be much more difficult getting back into the swing of things today without having Friday off. 

We had such a wonderful weekend.  I am so thankful for God’s unfailing, perfect love for us.  I serve a King that defeated sin, hell, and death.  I hold to His promises.  

We celebrate the Risen King, Drew’s birthday, and my sister, Chelsea, being home.  It was a weekend full of fun! We went out to eat for Drew’s birthday.  We received a interesting hint that we may be going on a Disney trip this summer but both parents denied it at first. Big Bummer! 


The birthday boy. Isn’t he the cutest?!?


On Saturday morning, we enjoyed the beautiful day with an outdoor engagement shoot with the lovely Shelby Street Photography team. ( I went bridesmaid dress shopping with the bride-to-be! And we enjoyed hanging with my family and dying Easter Eggs.  However, my parents did not budge on the Disney World front. Boo




Sunday, I made homemade Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls for Drew’s birthday.  We went to church and enjoyed the afternoon with both families.  We are truly blessed.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the entire weekend.  Oh and my parents had a big announcement for us! We are going to Disney world!!!